A Conveyor of Tasty Japanese Treats in Plano


If you’re a sushi fan in the US, it can be hard to find a place that not only serves amazing nigiri and rolls, but gives you a mixed selection to enjoy without needing to buy a gigantic plate’s worth. Thankfully, here at Alexan Legacy Central, sushi and Japanese cuisine fans can rejoice, for we have several unique restaurants near our luxury apartments that test your palate and satisfy your appetite however you want.

Kura Sushi is a sushi bar with a rotating conveyor belt, a popular trend amongst Japan, and it’s highly rated on Google reviews for its amazing selection of food and its overall welcoming and exciting atmosphere. Their Plano location is only a mile away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive there in just four minutes, or you can take a eighteen-minute walk or four minute bike ride to save gas. For those unfamiliar with conveyor belt sushi bars, you simply just pick and choose from the rotating plates, each with one of dozens of sushi selections. Each plate has at least two pieces of nigiri, roll, crispy rice, gunkan, or norimaki, so you’re welcome to try anything you want in the rotation. Most of the plates are worth $2.50 each, so you can also dine based on your budget. Finally, those who want to simply enjoy sushi from the comfort of home can always order to-go pickup by calling their number.

Bring a unique Japanese twist to your dining experience here at Alexan Legacy Central. Make a trip to Kura Sushi and our Plano luxury apartments this weekend.

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