A7 one bed/one bath luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central - Find Your Perfect Space

Find Your Perfect Space

Living well starts with being comfy. Find your perfect space in the A7 one-bedroom at Alexan Legacy Central. Discover Plano’s newest luxury apartment community. Incredible apartment features keep your life running smoothly and relaxed. Fun community amenities mean you never have to search for a good time. Your new city is full of all the dining, shopping and entertainment spots you will love. Your next favorite restaurant is probably around the corner. At Alexan Legacy Central, it is easy to enjoy your new elevated lifestyle. 

Find Your Perfect Space

Step into pure comfort with the A7 one bed/one bath only at Alexan Legacy Central. You can enjoy plenty of comfort with nine hundred-nine square feet of living space. Where will your imagination take you once you start...

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loki roll (tempura shrimp, snow crab topped with katsu fried unagi)

Takeout from Ai Sushi

Celebrate finding your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central with takeout from Ai Sushi. Nothing pairs as well with victory as an exotic meal. Treat your friends to fresh sushi and sushi rolls in your new home wrapped in luxury apartment features you will love. How do you want to spend your downtime? How about relaxing with fun community amenities all weekend long? Best of...

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cardio equipment at Alexan Legacy Central - Boost Your Health and Happiness

Boost Your Health and Happiness

Start your next weekend going the right thing in the best place. Boost your health and happiness with a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central in Plano, Texas. Here, the fun never stops with exciting community amenities that get your heart pumping. Do more good for your happiness with luxury apartment features that keep you wrapped in comfort. Make plans to live a better life...

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gourmet kitchen and stainless steel appliances - Dive Into Modern Comforts

Dive Into Modern Comforts

When technology is great, it looks like magic. Dive into modern comforts with a tech-rich luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central. Pick your perfect floorplan and wrap yourself in comfy luxury apartment features you will love. Say goodbye to dull weekends. Fun community amenities and your new neighborhood are worth exploring on your next free weekend. The lifestyle you crave is...

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two-bedroom luxury apartment at Alexan Legacy Central - Two-Bedroom Luxury for Balance

Two-Bedroom Luxury for Balance

Some say that balance is the key to happiness, but luxury can help balance along. Find two-bedroom luxury for balance only at Alexan Legacy Central. Whether you are trying to balance the challenges of working from home with having downtime or trying to understand remote learning, you deserve a sanctuary to recharge yourself. Here at Alexan Legacy Central, you can dive into comfy luxury...

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