B3 two bed/two bath at Alexan Legacy Central - Find the Home You Need

Find the Home You Need

Everyone deserves to find their place in this world. Why not make it luxurious? Find the home you need in the B3 two-bedroom at Alexan Legacy Central, luxury apartment homes in Plano, Texas. See what a difference one thousand one hundred ninety-six feet of comfy apartment features can make in your life. Start enjoying a relaxed pace of living. Upscale dining and shopping choices are never far when you live in Plano. No matter where you explore, you can always come back to relaxing community amenities to pass a lazy weekend. Live the promise that only luxury can make.

The Home You Need

Nothing beats the roominess you get with a second bedroom. Whether you’re hosting a roommate or a growing hobby, a second bedroom can be a lifesaver. Whichever you pick, each has easy...

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Frutti di Mare - Delivery From Amoretto Italian Restaurant

Delivery From Amoretto Italian Restaurant

Nothing can compare with the joy you feel moving into new digs at Alexan Legacy Central, luxury apartment homes in Plano, Texas. Ease into a new pace of life that is as laid-back as Plano is vibrant. You can feel...

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Courtyard with fire feature at Alexan Legacy Central - Weekends are Making a Comeback

Weekends are Making a Comeback

Working from home may let you stay in your pajamas, but drawing the line between work and downtime can get a little blurry. Weekends are making a comeback at Alexan Legacy Central, so choose your luxury apartment home and start making yours. Close your laptop with confidence and dive into relaxing community amenities when you want to have fun close to home. When you want to venture out, you...

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gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances at Alexan Legacy Central - Start Living More Carefreely

Start Living More Carefreely

How much longer are you going to wait to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams? Start living more carefreely in a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central in Plano, Texas. Find pure bliss in comfy luxury apartment features that help you relax as soon as you come home. Dive right into a new recipe in your gourmet kitchen or relax in your spa bathroom. You may be surprised how a new...

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A7 one bed/one bath luxury apartment home at Alexan Legacy Central - Find Your Perfect Space

Find Your Perfect Space

Living well starts with being comfy. Find your perfect space in the A7 one-bedroom at Alexan Legacy Central. Discover Plano’s newest luxury apartment community. Incredible apartment features keep your life running smoothly and relaxed. Fun community amenities mean you never have to search for a good time. Your new city is full of all the dining, shopping and entertainment spots you...

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